This is a record of existing, complete endearments that can be found (or will shortly appear) online or in print. My thanks to the editors who have published them. For convenience, each poem is identified here by the endearment that ends it rather than by title.

my honey
my dearest dear
my sweet

The poems above are forthcoming in South Dakota Review.

 my little love

The poem above appears in Spiral Orb issue 11, released January 2016.

  sweetie pie

The three above appear in Really System issue 6, released April 2015.

  my darling

The poem above appears in issue 7 of 111O , available May 2014 from Miel Books.

  sweet pea

The poem above appears in Open Letters Monthly, October 2011.


The two above appeared in Fieralingue’s 100,000 Poets for Change: An Anthology, now offline.

  sugar plum
  pal of mine

The three above appear in BlazeVOX spring 2011; they can be viewed or downloaded here (PDF) or read in the Scribd version of the issue.


The two above appear in issue 6 of the newly relaunched So and So Magazine.


turtle dove
bumble bee
cutie pie
angel eyes

The poems above exist in the world but are not published.