Here is the home of the Endearments, a series of poems made from the sweet words people call the people and other creatures they love. For procedures and constraints, see process. For some of the poems online, see poems. For other projects and concerns, visit here. For ramblings on the finer points, read on.


The Endearments are poems, mostly small ones, made out of endearments. That is, each poem originates in, plays with, and ends in a single endearment. Like a beau présent, but with the general term rather than a specific name.

The poems are fun to write. They let me use and think about lots of good words. I like them, so I am—at times with speed and at times with great slowness—making more. At a similar or even slower pace, this blog documents the procedure, its constraints, notes on the words, and incidental thoughts on the process.

The first endearments are from fall 2009. Fun-A-Day NC 2011 helped them along, as have the editors who’ve published some of the poems. For the most part the constraints are set, but the project is a work in progress. New poems emerge, and new aspects of the constraints, whenever I fix my attention and effort on them. Which is often at lunch time, of late.


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